hi there. we've been waiting for you!

it's love here.

aquarius nation is the group of humans on earth who are here to bring in the New Earth ways.  These ones are bringing in the age of aquarius; they are the aquarius nation of peoples.

The love collective (TLC) is our opportunity to come together in a private space.  When you want to delve deeper, you enter the love collective.

TLC is a social networking site for the artists, the healers, the mystics, the guides, the New Earth teachers and message sharers.  Here we come together in this closed and private group space.  Here we come to participate or observe, but either way we come together.

In this sacred and private container you will be inspired and supported so that you can truly thrive on this journey of life. We are about waking up and being the best peoples we can be. Miracles and magic happen in here, obviously.

So come join us if this feels like home.  we are looking forward to meeting you and seeing what you are all about. 

{ love, KV and your fellow sisters and brothers of the aquarius nation }

The Love Collective Promoted Artists