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it's love here.

The Love Collective (TLC) is a social networking site for the artists, the healers, the mystics, the guides, the New Earth teachers and message sharers. 

In this sacred and private container you will be inspired and supported so that you can truly thrive on this journey of life.  We are about waking up and being the best peoples we can be. Miracles and magic happen in here, obviously. 

2014 Membership: $11.11 for the YEAR

Membership Includes:

These are private sharings only for the tribe members of aquarius nation…so things get more juicy when in the privacy of like vibrations, ya know.  You also will be surrounded by people just like you!  Here you will find HOME with your fellow brothers and sisters who are also the ones bringing in the New Earth ways and teachings.

Private groups you can join within:  Shamanic Journeying//Healing Sessions with the Medicine Buddha//Tarot Studies//Sacred Sexual Wound Healing//Astrology// Moon Journey Life Skills and more to come, you know it!

10% off our etsy shops:  aquarius nation/ spirit tribe/ the owl and bear/ the magicians cat

  Deep discounts on All classes and ALL events from 20% to 50%

Classes include Moon Journey Life Skills/Healing Journey Tools/Happy Journey tools

Events include:  Shamanic Journeying Circles on the New and Full Moons, and Distance Healing with Quan Yin and the Medicine Buddha

I will be sharing deeper insights with energy astrology readings for the purpose of keeping your grounded and on purpose. This is sort of like some life coaching work that I will do for the group. 

Local Connections where you can join in private groups with people in your area. 

Public directories where we will share you and your businesses here and on www.aquariusnation.com  (New directory being prepared now)

Artist Interview Space where we interview one of the members within this container, every other week.  Promoting you all is half of why I am here creating this space for you!

I am so honored that source brought you here to this moment now reading this page and contemplating joining the love collective.  Listen to your body. If this feels like home, join us.  We will for sure embrace you and show you that we see you. 

Love, KV and the aquarius nation

Purchase TLC Membership Here

Purchase TLC Membership HERE 

After you make the purchase you will be sent back here to sign up with your name and email address and then we will open these pearly gates and welcome your special spirit into our arms.

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